We know…  there are many amazing travel bloggers out there, so why should you choose to work with us?

Through knowledge and relatability, we are distinctly differentiated to others – it’s that simple!

We are not a travel agent nor are we locked into an PR agency, allowing us to be flexible with our collaborations and alignments. We carefully hand select only the highest regarded travel providers, services and relevant products to promote and collaborate with – ensuring great outcomes for brands and products investments.

Our audience of 175,000+ social media followers and 65,000+ email database can be introduced to your brand when partnered with us.

We can introduce your brand to our audience of engaged travel enthusiasts and leverage our sister site to even further maximised results if required. Our approach, and expertise work for all scales of companies; allowing them achieve and experience impressive ROI via our platforms and tailored campaigns. Through dedication and innovation we are able to take your travel product, service or destination to the next level.

Although we are a unique, we are forward thinkers and leaders when it comes to our niche travel blog. Prior to having families, we were all active travellers, loving the travel lifestyle in various forms of budget and comfort! We know our audience as well as we know ourselves; and understand that there is a real gap in the family travel and grown up getaways for parents sector.

We know this because our engaged audience of followers & readers are asking for it!  More than ever families are striving to deliver real life and hands on global experiences to their children. Parents believe that there is high value and priority in educating & teaching their kids through travel and adventures – this is where we assist in letting our audience know about you!

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Why Work With Us?

Professional Content:

What’s On 4 Travel prides themselves on creating authentic, relatable & personal content; supported by high quality imagery.

With successful and engaging content, they are known for their eye for detail and attention to informative and hands on experiences they share.

What’s On 4 Trave; are a trusted and established Australian family brand since 2011, where they’ve dominated the online world via all their digital platforms & forums.

They are leaders in their profession and expertise; where all members are continually learning to grow professionally whilst implementing the latest online strategies and trends to innovatively communicate and inform our loyal and engaged community.

What’s On 4 Travel are content specialists and SEO & Social Media Marketing experts, ensuring great outcomes for brands & ROI.


What’s On 4 Travel are leaders and creators that showcase sophisticated campaign structures that incorporate multi-tiers of influence.

With a ‘hands-on’ approach to each tailored campaigned, they will only produce content that they have genuinely experienced; to ensure total transparency and authenticity their audience has come to trust.

What’s On 4’s creative influence has been a huge success for companies launching, reinventing themselves or looking at establishing relationship marketing; an integral part of their brand marketing mission with all of their collaborations.

What’s On 4 are passionate & selective about bringing awareness to their trusting community and only collaborate with like-minded associates. They are highly regarded influencers amongst their national demographic due to their organic authenticity & innovative approach in raising awareness.

What’s On 4 is a ‘go-to’ in the industry – their audience don’t need convincing, they just need to know about you!


All members of the What’s On 4 Travel Team have expertise as content writers, vloggers, bloggers, videographers & photographers. With a strong, diversely skilled team and the latest equipment; they are able to ensure professional quality campaigns each and every time.

What’s On 4 Travel is able to capture and translate all travel related options – your product, service, venue, launch, destination, city/state, transport/carrier, hotel & tour and showcase in your next media campaign.

Press Trips, Events & Destination Partnerships

What’s On 4 Travel is open for invitations to your trip/tour, destination, event, country or launch. The team are available globally for various partnerships, alignments & collaborations. What’s On 4 Travel are open to considering being hired to showcase our first hand experiences through promotion and awareness to their ever-growing & engaged audience. Using high quality imagery, videography and well written content though our blogs, reviews, eDM’s, vlogs and social media platforms.

Through their passion for travel, professionalism, uncompromising work ethic, core values and dedication, they’re able to significantly leverage your brand directly to their audience & your demographic.

Brand Ambassadors

What’s On 4 Travel prides itself on building new long-term business relationships and sustaining and improving established ones. If you require representation from their established blog or an ambassador for your travel related brand or product, please contact us directly for consideration.

Social Media Campaigns – using Digital Storytelling, Photography & Videos

Promotion of your brand/product through Social Media channels is our specialty!

By ‘tagging’, geo-targeting, creative content, innovative hash-tags on their platforms; What’s On 4 Travel is able to optimise your ROI using their most effective social channels for your brand.

Hotel, Tour, Transport & Product Reviews

What’s On 4 Travel ultimately prefer to write their own sponsored content; but understand brands/products have campaign guidelines to adhere to at times.  As long as the content meets their guidelines and most importantly their audiences needs, they are happy to feature brands on the What’s On 4 Travel site and social media channels. Full disclosure will be advised to their audience at all times.

Branded Tours

What’s On 4 Travel have the ability to align with highly regarded Tour Providers for Branded Tours. Careful consideration is given to only collaborating with Tour Providers that fit their niche. Terms and Conditions of these types of arrangements will be organised after a mutual agreement has been made with all parties.  Please be reminded, What’s on 4 Travel will only collaborate with companies and products that they think are a good fit and have great synergy for their much loved community.

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Please send us an email in the contact form below.

Regrettably, we are not in a position to work and collaborate with you and sharing your brand to our readers and followers majority of the time without monetary compensation. As you can appreciate we receive expressions of interest & proposals all the time; please note that we have a very small allocation for contra/famils that are usually filled in our schedule several months in advance.

Otherwise, we are a great, ‘easy to work with’, creative team and would love to talk – so send us an email!

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