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We love our community and welcome members to come and share what travel related adventures, tips or discoveries they’ve done with their family or experienced themselves. We credit all of our guest writers and love if you’d want to share your guest post in our What’s On 4 Travel community. We are all about making and creating memories; so if you’ve had an epic family holiday or a refreshing grown up getaway – we’d love to hear from you!

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Guest Post Guidelines
Who our audience is:  Australian mums aged 28-50 years.  They want the best for their kids and this includes taking them on travel adventures, holidays & experiences.  They live in predominantly the larger capital cities and have 2-3 children who are mostly primary school aged+.

Language/Spelling: British English

Punctuation and Capitalisation: Can be used for dramatic effect but not overdone e.g in repeated sentences.

Acronyms: Use only when necessary and give full name first with the acronym.

Credit/Bio:  Can be included when discussed prior to blog being written. Credited by name, short bio (max 50 words) and with a link to business pages.

Links:  Links (nofollow) are allowed but keep to no more then 8 in blog content.

Word Count: Minimum 400-600 words, max 1000

Subheadings:  We like the use of subheadings to give structure to the content. Sub headings and breaks can make it easier on the eye for readers

Paragraphs/numbers/bullet points list: Please use were applicable.

Content: We are looking for funny, informative, relatable, emotive, real-life articles that would interest to Australian parents and ones that would want to share in their social media.

The blogs must be original articles written by you and not published previously. We reserve the right to edit your post but will notify you if significant edits have been made prior to publishing. Feel free to share the What’s On 4 Travel link of your guest post to your blog or website.

Writing style:

  • Entertaining
  • Laid-Back
  • Conversational – as though you are talking to the person face to face.
  • Educational
  • Amusing
  • Controversial (to a degree). Blogs must not contain swearing, overly judgmental opinions, racism; you know the obvious stuff… We’re about making people laugh, feel and challenge their thinking but don’t want to be overly controversial.

Keywords:  These will be discussed and decided on prior to writing the blog.

Images: If providing the imagery, they must be high quality, low res for the website and preferable landscape.  They need to be saved as the keywords. Images supplied must be owned or taken by you.

Submission: The copy is to be submitted in a word document with all links embedded.


Blogs are to be emailed to What’s On 4 Travel as a word document with the images attached as jpegs with instructions on the blog where the images are to be positioned.

Please note: We do not accept guest posts that are advertising a product or service, or are sponsored in any way. If you would like to advertise with What’s On 4 Travel or have us review a brand, product or service, please email What’s On 4 Travel for a media kit.

You will be required to download, complete and return this Talent Release.

Please allow up to 7 days for us to respond.

In the case that we inform you that we are unable to publish your guest post within 7 days, you are free to publish it elsewhere.